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Our team

We are an organization working to improve public sector services to citizens.

What we do

Our role is to provide public sector organizations with the tools to provide an excellent service delivery experience to citizens. We work and collaborate with governments across Canada and around the world to improve the service delivery experience.

We help public sector organizations in providing excellent service delivery experience citizens by:

  • recognizing and celebrating excellence in citizen-centred service
  • serving as a resource centre for best practices, publications, and tools that promote cost-effective public sector service delivery
  • being a centre of expertise and a champion for citizen-centred service throughout the public sector

Enhance your organization’s service delivery experience

Designed by senior leaders from the Canadian service delivery and chief information officer communities to help you gain trust from the citizens you serve. Our learning programs offer high-quality flexible professional education opportunities.

Get the latest research to improve your organization’s service delivery experience

Undertake research into citizens and business expectations, satisfaction, and priorities for service improvement. Our research provides you with data to better understand service delivery expectations and satisfaction from citizens and business.

Use a toolkit to better understand your organization’s service delivery experience

Our measurements tool provides public sector organizations with a toolkit to survey, measure, and benchmark its services with the goal of improving services to citizens and business.

Benefit from our work with all levels of government on addressing service delivery issues

Get playbooks to learn about best practices to improve your organization’s results commissioned by the Public Sector Service Delivery Council and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council.

Who we are

We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the service delivery experience for citizens when interacting with all levels of government. Learn more about our history.


Be the leading centre of expertise to advance citizen-centred service delivery in the public sector.

Champion public sector service excellence by promoting and facilitating interjurisdictional collaboration.