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Heintzman Leadership Award

The Heintzman Leadership Award is presented annually by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership within the Canadian public sector in promoting citizen-centred service.

Recipients of the award are visionary and innovative leaders who have demonstrated throughout their career outstanding and sustained leadership in not only delivering citizen-centred services, but in truly transforming public services. They have led service improvement initiatives in their own organization, jurisdiction and collaborated with partners across Canada to develop and implement integrated and seamless services for Canadians.

This award is named in honour of Ralph Heintzman, the founding co-chair of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council.


Ralph Heintzman was the founder of the Citizen Centred Service Network in 1997, while Vice Principal of the Canadian Centre for Management Development. When he moved to the Treasury Board Secretariat in 1998, he created the Public Sector Service Delivery Council, which he co-chaired until 2002.

It was his vision and commitment that helped the Council to grow as an important new platform for joint inter-governmental research, learning and collaborative action to improve service to Canadians. He was also one of the chief architects behind the design, funding and creation, of the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service. It seems therefore, most appropriate that ICCS name its annual Leadership Award in honour of the person who provided the leadership to bring ICCS to life.

Award Winners

2021 Heintzman Leadership Award Winner

The ICCS is proud to announce Richard Dalpé as the 2021 Heintzman Leadership Award winner in recognition of his substantial contribution to the promotion of, and commitment to citizen-centred service delivery in Canada.

Previous Award Winners

2021 - Richard Dalpé

2020 - Guy Gordon

2019 - Richard Steele

2018 - Sharon Squire

2017 - Bette-Jo Hughes

2016 - Frank D'Onofrio

2015 - David Bennett

2014 - Deborah Lipscombe

2013 - Dan Batista

2012 - David Szwarc

2011 - Sue Corke

2010 - Bob Stark

2009 - D. Scott Campbell

2008 - Andrew Mellor

2007 - Roy Wiseman

2006 - Brian Marson

2005 - Lori MacMullen

2004 - David Miller

2003 - Art Daniels