From the President

I continue to be so proud of the work done in Canada, and by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS), as we aspire to excellence in public sector service delivery. We have a solid infrastructure, and an amazing opportunity, to learn from each other and capitalize on best  practices.

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From the Executive Director

2016–17 was a year of considerable reflection, renewal and innovation for the ICCS. After a third straight year of positive financial performance across all our services and products, the ICCS is now poised to begin thinking about its future; how and where best to reinvest, and how it can thrive and prosper in the years ahead. Under the exceptional guidance of the ICCS President, Board and Joint Councils, the ICCS set out to examine its business model, services and products, and consider future market opportunities.

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92% increase in Certified Service Professionals

9.2% increase in Certified Service Managers

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Line of Business Updates





Financial Summary

At a Glance

In 2016/17, we continue the revenue positive fiscal trend from the previous year across all business lines while averaging lower expenditures.

  • Year to date excess of revenues over expenses - $64,875 …. $5,844 less than what we had budgeted.
  • Revenues totaled - $1,140,348
  • Expenditures are also less than budgeted by $128,848

Revenues by Lines of Business

  • Support to Councils revenues exceeded budget by $23,857 and expenditures are $28,573 less than budget.
  • Research revenues are $150,481 less than budget while expenditures were also less than budget by $109,516.
  • CMT Revenues exceeded budget by $38,768 and expenditures were $32,712 less than budget.
  • Certification revenues were $46,836 less than budget while expenditures were also $25,822 less than budget.
  • General costs were $56,632 more than budget due to costs incurred that were not budgeted for studies undertaken for the ICCS.
Financials Pie Chart

Winner of the Heintzman Leadership Award - 2016

Frank D’Onofrio

Frank D’Onofrio

Distinguished Public Servant in Residence, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University

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