From the President

In 2018, the ICCS Board of Directors developed a Strategic Business Plan which identified the ICCS priorities and created a roadmap including key success factors for the next three years. In addition, the Board undertook an analysis of its Human Resources policies and procedures which identified areas for improvement. The Board Governance Committee took on an expanded role which included human resources. The Committee will be responsible for recruitment, succession planning and development of Board members and Executive staff.

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From the Executive Director

I am pleased to report that in 2017-18, the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (ICCS) experienced one of the most successful years in its history. This success stems from: strong leadership and direction from our Board of Directors; the commitment, dedication and hard-work from our exceptional team; and, a resurgence in the demand for more citizen-centred public services across Canada and globally. Combined together, these key factors point to a future of great opportunity for the ICCS.

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29.9% increase in Certified Service Professionals

10% increase in Certified Service Managers

More than 220 twitter followers to date


Certifications Across Canada

as of March 31, 2018


Line of Business Updates






Financial Summary

At a Glance

In 2016/17, we continue the revenue positive fiscal trend from the previous year across all business lines while averaging lower expenditures.

  • Year to date excess of revenues over expenses - $245,495 …. $122,071 more than what we had budgeted.
  • Revenues totaled - $1,335,685. This is more than budget by $158,816.
  • Expenditures totaled - $1,090,559. This is more than budget by $37,116.

Revenues by Lines of Business

  • Support to Councils revenues exceeded budget by $32,559 and expenditures are $24,809 more than budget.
  • Research revenues are $32,634 more than budget while expenditures were less than budget by $21,631.
  • CMT Revenues exceeded budget by $10,975 and expenditures were $8,084 less than budget.
  • Certification revenues were $82,649 more than budget while expenditures were also $44,252 more than budget.
  • General costs were $1,547 less than budget.
Financials Pie Chart

Winner of the Heintzman Leadership Award - 2017

Bette-Jo Hughes

Bette-Jo Hughes

Associate Deputy Minister and Chief Information Officer (Retired)

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