From the President

As President of the ICCS, it’s my pleasure to announce another successful year. I attribute this success to our diligent Board of Directors and Executive Director. Together they have completed important projects to ensure that ICCS is well positioned for continued success. This year’s success is also due to the hard work of our ICCS team who supported the work of the Institute. In the spirit of service excellence, they ensured that our members and the broader public service community continued to receive exceptional services.

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From the Executive Director

As Executive Director, I am very proud to report that the ICCS has had an exceptional year. This is all due to the strong collaborative efforts of the Board of Directors, Joint Councils, and the Institute’s exceptional team members.

I’m proud to report that ICCS had another positive financial year. We saw revenues increase across all lines of business, notably Research, the Common Measurements Tool and Benchmarking. The Certification and Learning programs is where we witnessed the greatest increase in revenue. Supported by strong demand towards the latter part of the year, the ICCS delivered additional training programs beyond what had been forecasted.

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18% increase in Certified Service Professionals

31.1% increase in Certified Service Managers

More than 340 twitter followers to date


Certifications Across Canada


Line of Business Updates






Financial Summary

At a Glance

In 2018/19, we continued the revenue positive fiscal trend from the previous year across all business lines while averaging lower expenditures.

  • Year to date excess of revenues over expenses - $40,186 …. $5,322 more than what we had budgeted.
  • Revenues totaled - $1,189,100. This is more than budget by $164,755.
  • Expenditures totaled - $1,148,913. This is more than budget by $159,432.
  • Support to Councils revenues are $8,052 more than budget and expenditures are $10,589 more than budget.
  • Research revenues are $22,967 more than budget while expenditures were more than budget by $39,418.
  • CMT Revenues were less than budget by $3,579 and expenditures were $5,210 more than budget.
  • Certification revenues were $137,315 more than budget while expenditures were also $108,000 more than budget.
  • General costs were $2,171 less than budget.

Revenues by Lines of Business

Financials Pie Chart

Winner of the Heintzman Leadership Award - 2018

Sharon Squire

Sharon Squire

Deputy Ombudsman and Executive Director, Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

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