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Unique model of all levels of government working together to improve service delivery.

Working together for citizens

The Institute for Citizen-Centred Service proudly works with all levels of government in Canada with a goal to solving and improving public sector service delivery. We do this by serving as a neutral platform for all levels of government to collaborate and share best practices. Our role is to also provide support services to the Councils in the following areas:

  • management and administration
  • communication
  • liaison and relationship building
  • financial management
  • procurement and contract management.

Joint Councils

Members: Senior officials of the Public Sector Service Delivery council and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council.

Priority: Collaborate to enhance the efficacy of public service to the Canadian public addressing issues of common concern and interest.

Public Sector Service Delivery Council

Members: Senior officials of service delivery organizations of the federal, provincial, territorial levels of government and senior municipal representatives through the Municipal Service Delivery Organization.

Priority: Collaborate on major public sector service delivery issues confronting all levels of government in Canada.

Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council

Members: Chief Information Officers of the federal, provincial, territorial governments and senior municipal IT representatives through the Municipal Information Systems Association.

Priority: Collaborate on information technology and information management issues, procurement, and cybersecurity confronting all levels of government in Canada.

Coming together as a unique model of inter-jurisdictional cooperation and collaboration at all levels of government

Benefits to citizens: Working together to provide better service delivery experience at all levels of government to:

  • Reduce duplication of effort and encourage development of consistent standards and approaches
  • Use public resources efficiently on initiatives that allows smaller jurisdictions to benefit from the expertise and resources of the federal government and larger provinces
  • Provide inter-jurisdictional information-sharing and networking opportunities to improve service delivery of government programs and services
Governments working together can do it better.