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Client Centric Services Working Group

Client-Centric Services was identified as a priority of the Joint Councils in 2017 as part of the Framework Working Group Exercise.

In October 2017, a draft Maturity Model was presented to the Joint Councils as a starting point to suggest ways to make Joint Council initiatives more client-centric. Members agreed that the model provided direction for current and future initiatives to be more client centric. Members asked that the model be validated with jurisdictions.

The Model is aspirational; it provides a continuum of the types of services clients want governments to be working towards. Client convenience, digital service, client engagement and co-design feature prominently in the model.

  • Jurisdictions want to finalize the Model and concentrate on the initiatives that can move client-centric services along the continuum. A few minimal improvements will be made to complete the Maturity Model: The Model needs to be framed to ensure it is clear that it is an aspirational model to better manage expectations.
  • More rigor is required to ensure it is evidence-based and written in the voice of clients.
  • The Model could be applied to Joint Councils’ priorities to understand its usefulness. The Maturity Model has been shared with Davis Pier, the consultant conducting the journey mapping for the Death Notification initiative.

It is proposed that the working group begin focusing on project-based initiatives that can improve clients’ experiences. There is an opportunity to build upon the PSSDC Service Integration Workshop that took place in Charlottetown. A number of common areas of interest that could make services more client-centric were identified at this workshop (Annex B). Such initiatives would improve the responsiveness and accessibility of government services. The Client-Centric Services Working Group could join up interested jurisdictions, injecting new people and resources to advance common initiatives. For example: A scan of PSSDC collaboration opportunities identified two areas where FPT DMs may want to collaborate: a common benefits and services finder and alternative means of receiving benefits.

Please click here to access the full repository of the Client Centric Services Working Group. Access is granted to members’ only. Password required.