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Data Driven Intelligence Working Group


In May 2016, the Federal Provincial Territorial Deputy Ministers’ Table (FPT DMs’ Table) asked for Open Data and big data to be advanced under the Data Driven Intelligence (DDI) priority. A DDI Task Team was formed including: MB, BC, ISED, CRA, and ESDC. It agreed to focus on learning by doing and developing DDI partnerships to build capacity across jurisdictions and improve service delivery. In Fall 2016, the Joint Councils agreed that PSSDC should develop results on DDI before seeking further Joint Councils support.

In April 2017, Clerks and Cabinet Secretaries expressed strong interest in the DDI priority and noted the lack of a DM Champion for this initiative. In May, the FPT DMs’ Table agreed that DDI needed to be advanced by the FPT service community given that no other FPT forum would explore the benefits of DDI from a service perspective. In July 2017, Manitoba DM, Scott Sinclair, agreed to champion DDI at the FPT DMs’ Table. In August 2017, an FPT Community of Practice was established.

At the last Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) meeting in February 2018, members agreed with the Working Group’s approach, and requested that the group provide a revised Terms of Reference to reflect scope on service and consider an Open Data component. Members also proposed the development of a Playbook.


  • The mandate of the DDI working group is to improve the client experience by leveraging Open Data and advanced data analytics to improve service delivery collaboratively.
  • The scope of the working group is to act as a catalyst for DDI to gain insights into client needs and develop practical solutions by linking government services wherever possible. The activities of the working group will enable public services to be at the forefront of providing modern excellent services where the customer experience meets or exceeds the Canadian public and business community’s expectations.

Please click here to access the full repository of the Data Driven Intelligence. Access is granted to members’ only. Password required.