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Digital Strategy Working Group


At the February 2017 in-person meeting of the Joint Councils (PSSDC & PSCIOC), members confirmed Digital Strategy as a priority of the Councils. Manitoba and Yukon (PSSDC members) agreed to lead this work.

At the October 2017 in-person meeting of the Joint Councils, the Digital Strategy leads advised that they had started to develop a digital strategy for the Councils and proposed elements of a digital strategy for members’ consideration. At the meeting members discussed the role of the Joint Councils in respect of a national strategy (what pieces/components do the Councils own or are responsible for), whether the Councils are currently organized and/or capable for delivering on a national digital strategy, and what are those “crunchy” things that the Councils should focus on to deliver on a pan-Canadian Digital Strategy.

At the February 2018 in-person meeting of the Joint Councils the Digital Strategy leads reviewed the work done to date, defined digital strategy, reviewed and summarized digital strategy material submitted by FPTM jurisdictions and confirmed mandate of Digital Strategy. Next steps were identified:

  • Develop Business case/narrative
  • Focus on IDM and other enablers
  • Collect and share tools/resources
  • Develop governance
  • Learn from other “Federated Nations”

Joint Councils’ members approved the recommendation of the Framework Working Group for the Digital Strategy priority to become an official working group of the Joint Councils


The mandate of the Digital Strategy Working Group is:

  • To work with the Joint Councils to define their role regarding a Pan-Canadian Digital Strategy
  • To collect and share tools/resources related to Digital Strategies
  • TBC

Please click here to access the full repository of the Digital Strategy Working Group. Access is granted to members’ only. Password required.