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Information is a significant asset to all levels of government. As such, it is important that the asset is managed to maximize its value not only to government but also in the provision of services to citizens. The Information Management Sub-Committee is playing a leadership role to support the mission of the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) which is to enhance service delivery to the Canadian public through collaboration across governments and demonstrated leadership in the management of information and technology.

The mandate of the IM Sub-Committee is to provide advice and direction on the management of information assets to the PSCIOC. The Information Management Sub-Committee is comprised of representatives from the federal government, provincial/territorial jurisdictions and municipal government. Representatives are generally responsible for information management legislation and administration.

The objectives of the Information Management Sub-Committee are:

  • To promote and guide the implementation of the PSCIOC’s Information Management Framework by facilitating the development of and recommending policies, standards and practices that support improved information management across all levels of government.
  • To assess common challenges, areas of cost savings and efficiencies, and recommend common approaches for adoption by members.
  • To foster the sharing of achievements and policies, standards and practices within the subcommittee membership.
  • To promote and facilitate cooperation and collaboration amongst the information management communities across the country.

Please click here to access the full repository of the Information Management Sub-Committee. Access is granted to members’ only. Password required.