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Citizen First - Powered by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service

Becoming Citizen-Centric

Help your public-sector organization shift it's culture towards a citizen-centric approach to service.

This self-guided course will introduce learners to the concept of citizen-centric service, why it's important, and how to use this approach in the design, improvement, and delivery of all your services. Lessons will focus on:

  • Being Outside-In
    • How to determine and understand the needs and expectations of your citizens
  • The Greater Public Good
    • How to balance between individual user needs with the interests of the greater public
  • The Service Recipient
    • How to identify key demographics and creating client personas
  • Using Outside-in Thinking for Internal Services
    • How this approach can help improve internal service delivery and collaboration between departments

Upon completion of this course, learners will acquire:

  1. An understanding of the concept of being citizen-centred
  2. An understanding of why it is important to provide and design service delivery from an outside-in perspective
  3. The ability to demonstrate the complexity of providing public sector service delivery
  4. Awareness that your role impacts citizens regardless of where you work in your organization

Devenir axé sur les citoyens

Changez votre façon de penser la prestation de services, que vous fournissiez des services internes ou externes dans le secteur public. Découvrez à quoi ressemble une expérience de service de premier ordre du point de vue des citoyens et des entreprises.