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Measure and Benchmark

Measure and benchmark your public sector organization and programs to identify and implement good practices.

Now available, a digital and modernized online service, Citizen First Analytics, leveraging the “Common measurements tool”.

The new features of our modernised service is making it:

EasierSelf-serve online

Faster – Get your reports within minutes

Customized – True picture of your results

It’s an easy-to-use client satisfaction survey instrument that facilitates benchmarking across jurisdictions. As public-sector managers, you are quickly able to understand client expectations, assess levels of satisfaction, and identify priorities for improvement.

Objectives – measure, analyze, and benchmark your services by:

  • asking your clients the right questions about what they think about the service experience you provide;
  • comparing your survey results to those of peer organizations and discovering how your organization’s performance compares;
  • identifying the key service satisfaction drivers and gaps and improving your client service experience.
  • compare the performance of your public sector organization and programs with others to learn and improve on the service delivery experience of your organization;
  • benchmark and measure your public sector organization and programs to identify and implement good practices.

Results – customized report giving you a quick summary of key findings and snapshot that gives you immediate access to actionable insights. Also included in the benchmarking reports is a detailed question-by-question analysis that is easy to access, interpret and put into action.

Our new Citizen First Analytics service gives you the flexibility to determine which service elements you want to focus on. You get key insights about your clients and the service delivery experience they encounter in order to:

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