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Citizen First Analytics

Who uses the Analytics and Benchmarking Service?

Public sector service delivery organizations at all levels of government who provide services to citizens.

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Why use the Analytics and Benchmarking Service?

Your service delivery managers can improve your organization’s performance when it comes to service delivery by:

  • comparing how your organization is performing against the background of its peers
  • examining how your respective service areas are rated by citizens
  • making data-driven strategic and tactical decision
  • tracking your organization’s performance and formulating long-term objectives based on empirical research


Our Analytics Service enables organizations to compare their results against those of their peers. It uses customizable criteria that take into consideration such elements as sector, level of government, client type, scope, activity, and area of service.

We use an effective and action-oriented approach to data analysis by applying the key principles of the citizen first model. Our reports will provide you with unique insights based on a broad range of comparative data from all levels of government and a wide array of service areas. We are committed and dedicated to give you a long-lasting benchmarking journey by:

  • giving you a competitive advantage rooted in the research-supported methodology
  • providing high quality of service and responding to your needs while ensuring that the instrument is kept up-to-date
  • making constant progress towards providing increasingly sophisticated analysis and support services
  • facilitating shared learning and bringing together organizations with similar interests to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences

The Analytics an Benchmarking Report includes:

  • summary charts
  • detailed benchmarking data
  • identification of priorities for service improvements

To view more information on the content of the Benchmarking Report, including sample charts, see the Benchmarking Report.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s benchmarking needs and to request our Benchmarking Service.