Certified Service Manager Course Offerings

Certified Service Manager (CSM) courses are designed to bring the concepts and ideas presented in the CSM Body of Knowledge to life by encouraging learners to explore areas related to effective management of service deliveries and methods of improving citizen-centred services. Learning objectives are achieved through classroom discussions, activites, exercises and reference materials.

CSM 101 – Public Sector Service Fundamentals

CSM 101 provides learners with a foundational overview of the key elements of public sector service delivery by establishing a common understanding of the key principles, concepts, ideas and language as related to public sector service.

CSM 102 – Advanced Public Sector Service Fundamentals

Building upon the ideas and concepts introduced in CSM 101, CSM 102 explores more advanced concepts ranging from service transformation, silo busting, and collaborative service models to generating trust and confidence in the public sector.

CSM 201 – Effective Service Management

CSM 201 aims to assist service managers and supervisors better understand their roles and responsibilities with respect to building and sustaining effective service delivery. Learners will explore the following:

  • Characteristics of effective service management
  • How to support front-line staff
  • Understanding and meeting client’s needs
  • Listening to the “voice of the citizen” and its impact on service delivery
  • Managing across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries
  • The use of information technology and information management in service delivery

CSM 202 – Human Aspects of Service Management

CSM 202 focuses on effective leadership, and how it relates to building and sustaining a service-focused culture by examining how to develop, and maintain service-focused behaviours. Learners will examine how to build relationships with employees and citizens/clients, with particular attention is paid to the management and execution of goals and outcomes.

CSM 203 – Service Improvement

CSM 203 focuses on helping service managers and supervisors understand their role in meeting the needs of service recipients and improving service quality and satisfaction. Learners are equipped with concrete tools and knowledge to successfully undertake service improvement in their area, which can also be used as building blocks for a more holistic service transformation at the organizational level.

CSM 204 – Understanding & Enhancing Citizen Access

Service access is critical to the service experience, and continues to present challenges for service delivery professionals. CSM 204 examines the access needs of service recipients and strategies for improving access. Learners will review and discuss service access concepts, techniques, and tools used to support citizen-centred service delivery in today’s environment.

CSM 205 – Effective Service Standards

CSM 205 examines the unique contribution service standards as they pertain to service excellence. Learners will review the concept of service standards portfolios, as well as the life cycle of service standards. Additional focus is paid to the following:

  • Common definitions of standards
  • Characteristics of effective service standards
  • Key linkages to other aspects of service excellence