About the Common Measurements Tool

Who uses the Common Measurements Tool?

Public sector service delivery organizations at all levels of government who provide services to citizens.

There are more than 30 municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal governments across Canada and around the world which have adopted this award-winning tool to provide excellence in service delivery.

Why use the Common Measurements Tool?

It’s important to know the level of satisfaction citizens experience when accessing your programs and services; you can use this client satisfaction survey tool which provides an easy-to-use set of questions. Its benefits include:

  • It’s using the most recent research findings, including the key drivers of client satisfaction identified through the Citizens First and Business First research
  • It offers a highly reliable way to capture feedback on key dimensions of the client service experience in a multi-channel service delivery environment
  • It allows the public-sector decision-makers to understand client expectations, assess levels of satisfaction, and identify priorities for improvement
  • It helps users compare their results against peer organizations, identify best practices and share lessons learned using our data benchmarking service
  • It was first developed more than 20 years ago and has been validated and improved over the years through use across the Canadian Public Sector and internationally.

How does designing a survey using the Common Measurements Tool work?

Step 1

Construct a client satisfaction survey from a set of “core” questions that correspond to the key drivers of citizen satisfaction when it comes to interacting with governments. The “core” questions examine timeliness, accessibility, knowledge, competence, fairness, and outcome, in addition to other aspects of service delivery.

Step 2

Consult our larger bank of questions, which were compiled over the years, to include in your survey questionnaire.

Step 3

Decide if you want to add customized questions that will help you improve the quality of your organization’s service delivery.