CITIZENS FIRST 2023: Prospectus

Actionable Insights for Public Sector Service Providers


Citizens First 2023 (CF2023) is the latest in a series of research initiatives sponsored by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service. Its primary aim is to offer Canadian public sector managers and executives insight into how citizens experience government services, and to identify trends and provide suggestions on where to focus service quality improvements for greatest results.

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Citizens First 2023 will look at key metrics relating to service delivery and examine in detail such areas as service reputation, client experience and expectations, drivers of satisfaction, priorities for service improvement, and channel usage. Particular importance will be given to providing actionable insights for service managers and enabling them to introduce effective service improvement solutions.

While building on topics explored in previous studies, Citizens First 2023 will also examine new areas of interest identified by the Canadian public sector service community. Subscriber input will be sought in the identification of such areas.

Methodology & Timelines

Sampling: Depending on the size of the jurisdiction, the jurisdictional sample sizes will range from 300 to 1,000 respondents for a regular subscription, with additional completions available for premium subscribers. The national component will consist of 1,000 returns. The interviews will be completed in a single wave and primarily via an online panel.

Analysis and Reporting: Each subscriber will receive comprehensive national and jurisdictional reports containing detailed analysis of the findings. Complete jurisdictional data sets will also be provided to those jurisdictions interested in doing additional analysis of their results.

Timelines: The study will be launched in January 2023 with the results tentatively scheduled to become available by March/April 2023.

Subscription options

Regular Subscription

A regular subscription of $35,000 to $40,000 (depending on size and level of jurisdiction) includes the following products and services:

300 to 1,000 completed returns from the subscriber’s jurisdiction;

Two jurisdictional reports:

  • Full report providing jurisdictional data analysis and actionable insight, and
  • Executive summary report;

20 videos open-end files with compilation reel (please note that this deliverable may not be available to smaller jurisdictions);

Raw data files in CSV and SAV formats (jurisdictional);

Full national report detailing study findings at the national level.

Premium Subscription

A premium subscription of $45,000 includes the following deliverables in addition to those listed above for regular subscribers:

A set of customized jurisdictional enhancements that, depending on interest and requirements, may include one or a combination of the following options:

  • Customized additional survey questions;
  • Expanded sample size;
  • Customized special report(s).

An in-person (if feasible) or remote presentation of the study results

To subscribe or to obtain additional information, please contact:

Michal Dziong, Research Director, ICCS