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Find out how citizens and business view public sector services at all levels of government.

Public sector organizations are increasingly adopting an “outside-in” perspective when delivering service to the public rather than being internally focused. Governments across Canada are making a difference by embracing a “citizen-centred” approach to service delivery experience.

You can improve the service delivery experience of your public sector organization by paying attention to the interests and opinions of citizens. This approach is instrumental in defining expectations, setting priorities, and establishing service standards.

Citizens First 2020

A comprehensive look at how clients view government services with emphasis on providing actionable data. (PDF Download)

Business First 2019

​Business First 2019 is the latest study in the research series, previously entitled Taking Care of Business, that examines Canadian businesses' perceptions of government services. (PDF Download)

Citizens First 8

A comprehensive look at how clients view government services with emphasis on providing actionable data. (PDF Download)


Playbooks offer a "way to try something new, a way to look at a problem slightly differently than you have before". Playbooks provide tips, strategies, examples, and best practices to help you look at ways to meet the increasing expectations of citizens/clients for a positive and simple experience.

BN Playbook

Commissioned by PSSDC’s Service to Business Working Group

The Business Number (BN) is a foundational element of the business regulatory environment –enabling businesses to connect and participate in various programs at all levels of government through a standard (or common) business identifier (SBI)

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Analytics Playbook

Commissioned by PSSDC’s Data Driven Intelligence Working Group

The world is getting more complex. Societal problems have multiple root causes that cross domains and one-size-fits-all solutions are not enough. Public sector organizations face additional challenges related to performance and accountability, increasing fiscal pressure, and meeting rising public expectations for results and responsiveness.


Service Partnerships Playbook

Commissioned by the PSSDC’s Service Network Collaboration Working Group

Within this Playbook you will find information on why you would enter a service delivery partnership, what makes a successful partnership, the steps and best practices for implementing and operating a partnership and how to measure the success of a partnership.


Behavioural Insights Playbook

Commissioned by PSSDC’s Channel Shifting Working Group

“Digital” is a hot topic these days, and it’s not just in the private sector. Governments are looking to enhance the way they design and deliver services to clients by looking to digital solutions. This means making services available online or through mobile applications. This also means looking at ways to meet the increasing expectations of clients for a positive and simple experience.


Citizen-Centric Services Maturity Model

May 2021

Service matters. The experience people have when they are accessing government services forms their impression – positive or negative – about the effectiveness of public institutions and the level of confidence they have in them. The Maturity Model is a tool that will help assess the current effectiveness of a service experience from a citizen perspective. It will also assist in determining what changes need to be made to improve that experience.


Research Resources

Jul 06, 2021 • 
Les tests de facilit d’emploi au gouvernement :
Le rapport traite des thèmes suivants : L’importance des tests de facilité d’emploi, Les types de tests de facilité d’emploi, Les étapes à suivre pou...

Jul 06, 2021 • 
Usability Testing in Government — Joint Councils’ Executive Report June 2021
The report explores: The Importance of Usability Testing, Types of Usability Testing, Steps for Successful Testing, and Key Considerations.

Jun 04, 2021 • 
Signature électronique au gouvernement — Rapport exécutif du Conseil mixte de mai 2021
Le rapport examine : les avantages des solutions de signature électronique; les types et les applications du secteur public; les principaux facteurs à...

Jun 04, 2021 • 
E‑Signature in Government — Joint Councils’ Executive Report May 2021
The report explores: The Benefits of E-Signature Solutions, Types & Public Sector Applications, Key Considerations, and Lessons Learned One Year into ...

May 07, 2021 • 
Expérience client (EC) dans la nouvelle normalité
Ce rapport est intitulé : Expérience client (EC) dans la nouvelle normalité. Le rapport examine : L’équilibre entre le contact humain et la haute tec...

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