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Business First

Examines how Canadian businesses perceive government services.

Business First (previously Taking Care of Business) is a landmark study that explores Government-to-Business service delivery from the perspective of the business community.

As a public-sector service manager, you need an actionable roadmap to service improvement initiatives. By using Business First studies you will hear directly from businesses about their experiences, expectations, and priorities for service improvement. You will learn how businesses view the following elements:

  • current level of service quality as perceived by businesses
  • preferred service channels to access government services
  • drivers of service quality for businesses
  • role of government as a regulator and how this changes the service relationship
  • service improvement initiatives roadmap

Use the findings of Business First research and join governments across Canada who have improved service delivery to their business clients.

Business First 2019

​Business First 2019 is the latest study in the research series, previously entitled Taking Care of Business, that examines Canadian businesses' perceptions of government services. (PDF Download)

Copies of older reports from the series may be available upon request. Please contact us for more information.