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Study objectives

In line with the previous iterations of the research series, Citizens First 2020 will explore such areas as service reputation, client experience and expectations, drivers of satisfaction, priorities for service improvement, and channel usage. Particular importance will be given to providing actionable insights for service managers and enabling them to introduce effective service improvement solutions.

While building on topics explored in previous studies, the study will also examine new areas of interest identified by the Canadian public service community. Subscriber input will be sought in the identification of these special topics.

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Each subscribing partner (except territorial governments) will be guaranteed a minimum of 600 completed returns from their jurisdiction under regular and premium subscriptions. The national component will consist of 1,000 returns. The interviews will be completed primarily via an online panel.

Analysis and Reporting:

The analysis will use advanced statistical approaches such as correlation and multiple regression analysis. The participating jurisdictions will receive comprehensive national and jurisdictional reports based on the data collected over four quarterly waves. Participants will also be provided with secure access to the Citizens First 2020 online portal that will feature summaries of the results on a quarterly basis.


Having launched in late 2019, we will endeavour to collect data in four quarterly waves throughout 2019 and 2020.

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Michal Dziong, Research Manager, ICCS