2006 - Brian Marson

Brian Marson is a recognized pioneer, visionary and intellectual leader who has worked tirelessly to create the building blocks to advance both the practice and study of citizen-centred service to achieve a fundamental transformation in public sector service delivery. He has been:

  • An early believer in service quality, reinventing the BC Office of the Comptroller General to become a world class organization in the 1980’s
  • A driver of collaboration, fostering the creation of the innovative Citizen-Centred Service Network, the Public Sector Service Delivery Council, and the Joint Council’s Research Committee
  • A leader in developing ground-breaking Citizen’s First research and the Common Measurements Tool, and the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service
  • An enthusiastic motivator, working with young public sector professionals, generating enthusiasm in citizen-centred service.
  • An architect of the successful federal Service Improvement Initiative
  • A recognized author, professor and public speaker who effectively uses stories of best practices in citizen-centred service to present complex policies and issues.