Measure and Benchmark

Our online Citizen First Analytics uses the common measurements tool providing an easy-to-use client satisfaction survey analysis and reporting platform that facilitates benchmarking across jurisdictions. As public-sector managers, you are quickly able to understand client expectations, assess levels of satisfaction, and identify priorities for improvement.

Get customized report giving you a quick summary of key findings and immediate access to actionable insights. The benchmarking reports is a detailed question-by-question analysis that is easy to access, interpret and put into action.

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Providing excellent service delivery experience and improving satisfaction of those who use your government services makes good business sense. Here’s why - it helps you to:

  • Increase trust in your organization
  • Find cost-saving measures by better utilizing all service channels
  • Improve the channels citizens prefer, which will foster better engagement with your programs and services
  • Ensure that your target audience benefits from your programs and services
  • Improve your clients’ overall service experience
  • Improve internal operations

Conducting survey research and an in-depth analysis of the results to help you to:

  • Measure the performance of your public sector organization and programs and compare it with that of others through benchmarking
  • Assess your progress and identify priorities for further improvement
  • Identify and implement good practices
  • Understand client expectations
  • Discover performance improvements

How do you make this happen? Get online access at your fingertips to have your organization recognized for providing excellent service to its clients. You will be able to:

  • Get analysis on what you’re doing well and areas needing improvement
  • Understand client satisfaction on a wide variety of service delivery channels and elements
  • Compare your survey results to those of your peers
  • Learn about your performance
  • Identify the key service satisfaction drivers and gaps