2008 - Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor was a Regional Manager for ServiceOntario, Southwest Region and understood that citizens’ access didn’t recognize jurisdictional boundaries and set out to work developing a service model that would meet the needs of citizens: a one-window approach to government. Examples of his leadership included:

  • Working with Federal, Municipal, Not-for-Profit sectors creating ‘One Stop’ Centres
  • In Kitchener, Provincial employees worked out of Municipal offices and provided Provincial/Municipal information
  • In Sarnia, the templates developed are in use in ServiceOntario Centres across Ontario
  • Piloted successfully the Common Counters to address the issue of siloed customer service
  • He was instrumental in the marketing and development of a Citizen-Centric tool the “Lost Wallet Kit” to guide citizens in the replacement of key identity documents
  • Working closely with staff, the client satisfaction rating in Southwestern Ontario is 98.95%

In recognition of his outstanding, innovative and transformational leadership in promoting citizen-centred approaches to service delivery, the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service proudly awards Andrew Mellor the 2008 Heintzman Leadership Award.