2009 - D. Scott Campbell

D. Scott Campbell served the Government of Ontario for nearly 30 years and was the government’s first corporate Chief Information Officer. Scott Campbell was a leader and champion in establishing a vision and ongoing implementation of citizen-centred service delivery in Canada, both in public and behind the scenes over many years and in many roles. Examples of his leadership included:

  • The development, approval and initial implementation of Ontario’s first enterprise-wide information and information technology strategy as a key driver and enabler for external facing citizen-centred service delivery and internal shared services.
  • He was instrumental in the development, approval and implementation of British Columbia’s enterprise-wide IT and integrated service delivery strategy and the formation of the new organizational and governance model to lead its implementation.
  • The enterprise-wide vision and strategies that Scott led in Ontario and British Columbia were the first of their kinds and transformational. His contributions to the creation of the Lac Carling Congress and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council were invaluable.
  • He has been a leader in inter-departmental and inter-jurisdictional transformation. His efforts brought together participants from all levels of government across Canada and the private sector to focus on making ICT-enabled citizen-centred services a reality in Canada.

In recognition of his outstanding, innovative and transformational leadership in promoting citizen-centred approaches to service delivery, the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service proudly awards D. Scott Campbell the 2009 Heintzman Leadership Award.