2020 - Guy Gordon

Guy Gordon has been a key leader, champion and passionate advocate for delivering citizen-centric public services within Manitoba and across Canada for the past twenty years. He is a partnership builder and has always strived to build coalitions of the willing to explore, experiment and seek innovative solutions to deliver citizen-centric services across Canada. His dedication and determination to achieve service excellence has been the hallmark of his illustrious public sector career.

Guy’s leadership and expertise has been essential to the advancement of pan-Canadian service collaboration. Most recently, he was an active member of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC), and provincial co-chair of the Joint Councils working group on Data-Driven Intelligence (DDI). In these roles, he demonstrated effective leadership in bringing together key players across Canada to advance the understanding and use of data and analytics to ensure well informed service improvement decision making. The DDI working group’s priority is to seek improving service through the application of advanced data analytics techniques. As leaders of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated public sector service delivery organizations, the DDI explores, understands, and captures the service, operational and policy improvement opportunities offered via advancements in data analytics. Thanks to Guy’s expertise and coalition building know-how, Manitoba has played a key role of DM Champion for the FTP and the Municipal Community of Practice to rapidly develop awareness, skills, and capacity across Canada.

As Manitoba’s lead advisor for DM Champion on the FPT&M Community of Practice, Guy provided essential leadership and guidance to deputies on service improvement priorities. He was instrumental in sharing Manitoba’s experience to leverage data and data analytics to perform high priority, value-added program evaluation quickly and inexpensively which resulted in a multi-jurisdictional playbook for Canadian governments. Also, Guy led the facilitation of inter-jurisdictional collaboration projects and proactively explored opportunities to partner with other Canadian jurisdictions to share data sets to demonstrate the value of DDI in areas of specific interest and priority in Manitoba, as well as Canada.

As the Executive Director for Innovation and Service Delivery at Central Services, Government of Manitoba, Guy demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting citizen-centred service for Manitobans. In his most recent role, he provided support for organizational transformation to all business areas within Central Services by ensuring that organizational capabilities and competencies are developed. This directly contributed to the enabling of Central Services to provide whole of government with the requisite services that result in providing better, faster, cheaper services to citizens.

Guy’s extensive experience and dedication in promoting collaboration across all levels of government as well as within the Manitoba public service makes him an ideal and well deserving recipient of the Heintzman Leadership Award.

In recognition of his outstanding, innovative, and transformational leadership in promoting citizen-centred approaches to service delivery, the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service is proud to award Guy Gordon the 2020 Heintzman Leadership Award.