Canada Open Government Working Group

Canada Open Government (COG) Working Group is a forum for multi-jurisdictional information sharing and collaboration on open government initiatives, tools and principles, including those on common open data, open information and public engagement across jurisdictions. The Working Group:

  • Promotes the implementation of open data, open information and public engagement principles in their jurisdictions and sets strategic direction in support of pan-Canadian open government;
  • Shares, enhances, and develops common tools, platforms, practices, and policies to help Canadian governments increase the availability of their data and information to Canadians;
  • Sustains these common tools and approaches, as they emerge, by establishing and maintaining governance processes that incorporate jurisdictional interests and promote common goals;
  • Identifies gaps and opportunities towards advancing open government across the different jurisdictions;
  • Seeks out and considers the perspectives and needs of a diverse range of experts and stakeholders on open government;
  • Promotes information sharing across jurisdictions on citizen engagement to maximize investment in open government; and
  • Contributes to Canada’s participation on the Open Government Partnership and supports domestic open government fora (e.g. Canadian Open Data Summit) to facilitate the sharing of best practices and increase the impact of open government.

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