Joint Councils

The Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC) and the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) (also known as the Joint Councils) are pan-Canadian interjurisdictional Councils focused on citizen-centred service delivery. The Joint Councils provide an inter-governmental platform and secretariat to pursue partnerships and coordinate initiatives focused on innovative public sector services delivery and IT/IM initiatives. The goal is part of the larger objective to create excellence in the public service and to focus on citizen-centred service delivery.

The PSSDC and PSCIOC come together as the “Joint Councils”, to address issues of common concern and interest. The two Councils collaborate to enhance the efficacy of public service to the Canadian public. There are a number of sub-committees and working groups of the Joint Councils, PSCIOC and PSSDC focused on key priority areas. The PSCIOC, PSSDC and the Joint Councils, in collaboration with the ICCS, exemplify a unique pan-Canadian model of inter-jurisdictional cooperation and collaboration.

The ICCS is a centre of excellence for knowledge, collaboration and innovation in public sector service delivery. Its mission is to promote high levels of citizen satisfaction with public sector service delivery. The ICCS undertakes research to identify citizens’ service needs and expectations and by assisting the public sector in identifying and applying innovative, best practice service solutions which support quality service across all channels and respond effectively to citizens’ service needs.

As a neutral Federal Provincial Territorial and Municipal (FPTM) platform for collaboration and shared learning in support of the work of the Joint Councils, the ICCS provides support services in the following business areas of responsibility:

  • Management and administration
  • Communication
  • Liaison and relationship building
  • Financial management of the PSSDC and PSCIOC accounts

Working groups, committees, and sub-committees

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