ICT Policy Community of Practice

The FPT ICT Policy Community of Practice was established in 2014 at the direction of the Public Sector Chief Information Officer’s Council (PSCIOC) representing all federal, provincial and territorial governments. This forum enables participating governments to exchange information, policies and best practices related to ICT Policy.

Objectives of the working group:

  • To share information, best practices, research and discuss national, provincial and territorial goals, positions and priorities for ICT Policy in each jurisdiction and to test their interoperability;
  • To maintain the highest standards of policy analysis.
  • To provide a forum for discussion to improve ICT policy and management by fostering innovation in research, analysis and education.
  • To create an approach to ICT policy that builds on the existing strengths of member governments – to increase their capacity to take advantage of opportunities and respond effectively to the challenges of new technologies;
  • To assist the PSCIOC address any common policy issues.

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