2023 Heintzman Leadership Award

Nominate an outstanding Canadian public sector leader who has transformed the quality of citizen-centred service in their own jurisdiction and across Canada.

Technology Sustainability  — Joint Councils’ Executive Report February 2023

This report includes the following: What is technology sustainability?, Why you should care about sustainability, How sustainability can help increase citizens’ quality of life, COVID-19 impact on sustainability, Innovations shaping the sustainability agenda, and Government role in sustainability,

Why is citizen-centred service unique?

In a citizen-centred approach, citizen satisfaction becomes the criterion for success, and the basis for results measurement in public sector service delivery.

Citizen-centred explained

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PSSDC and PSCIOC is a unique model of all levels of government working together to improve service delivery. As a neutral Federal, Provincial, Territorial, and Municipal platform for collaboration, we provide support services to the Public Sector Service Delivery Council and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council.

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