PathosAI: Are Canadians Emotionally Engaged with the Government?

In collaboration with PathosAI, we piloted a project using the Citizens First (CF) research to test their artificial intelligence models and tools to measure the level of emotional engagement of Canadian citizens at the point of service.

Our Citizens First series takes an in depth look at how citizens experience government services. Over twenty years, Canadians have been asked what they think about the delivery of public services, what are their expectations, and what they see as the priorities for improvement. This pilot project uses PathosAI emotional intelligence modeling to get at the core of what citizens are thinking and feeling, and measure Canadians’ emotions and engagement with government services.

PathosAI is leading the way in leveraging state-of-the-art AI models to uncover underlying motivations in real time for service providers to make informed service improvement decisions. While much AI is focused on ways to do things better than humans, the solution offered by PathosAI is focused on using technology to better understand human emotions with government services.

Emotional engagement gives us:

  • deeper insights to understanding citizen behaviour and their connection to government organizations
  • real motivators of emotional engagement with government programs and services
  • real time, actionable, comprehensive, and affordable measurement of engagement
“Working with PathosAI, we’re taking our citizen satisfaction research to the next level by delving deeper into what citizens truly experience and feel when they use government services. This richer insight will help our government partners design better services and provide more fulfilling service experiences for all Canadians.”
Dan Batista, Executive Director, ICCS

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