Apolitical: Bootcamp focusing on how to make existing services more citizen-centric

Citizen First, powered by Institute for Citizen-Centred Service, and Apolitical have partnered to create an email bootcamp focused on Continuous Service Improvement. Based on the Service Improvement Planning and Implementation framework, this free resource provided government employees worldwide with an overview of how to improve their services to meet the needs and expectations of their citizens and clients. The bootcamp also promoted Citizen First’s online self-study programs and increase awareness of our organization internationally.

Citizen-centric design is more important than ever. Ensuring that government services are accessible and easy to use is a must. But how can public servants apply citizen-centric design to improve existing services? This Citizen First- Apolitical bootcamp focuses on how to make existing services more citizen-centric using a four-step process and equipped participants with the tools and resources needed to assess your services and develop your desired future state.

Citizen First’s role is to provide public sector organizations with the tools to give an excellent service delivery experience to citizens. We work and collaborate with governments across Canada and around the world to improve the service delivery experience.

Bootcamp participants learned how to:

  • Assess your organization's capacity to make meaningful service improvements
  • Identify best practices for collecting citizen feedback
  • Develop a strategic service improvement plan and ensure successful implementation

This unique partnership with Apolitical assisted us to enhance awareness of our programs and services globally. We look forward to more collaboration with Apolitical and other similar organizations.