PigeonLine: Research analytics using artificial intelligence

We felt that it was time to further invest in artificial intelligence on improving our clients’ user experience while making it easier and faster to gather intelligence. The old process was time-consuming which required a staff member to enter new Common Measurements Tool (CMT) benchmarking data into the database and manually intermediate transactions between users and the database.

Our decision to partner with PigeonLine was easily made as their team has combined experiences in academic and industrial research. They also believed that manual inefficiencies slow down an organization’s ability to find powerful and meaningful insights in complex data. PigeonLine is a Canadian-based start-up focused on automating the core tasks of research including data cleansing, coding, analysis, and reporting. Using advanced statistics and AI, they seamlessly and instantly aid analysts categorize, collate, and interpret quantitative and text-based data.

We were pleased to embark on such a project that focused on improving our clients’ user experience while making it easier and faster to gather intelligence. The main purpose of the project was to enable self-service for CMT users, automate benchmark generation of CMT data, and provide machine learning abilities that can improve the CMT user experience. This is accomplished by using cloud-based AI-powered tools making it easy for your staff to save time, effort, and money in delivering real-time reporting and insights for decision-makers.

Benefits of comparing your organization to your peers

Benchmarks summarize averages or outliers based on segments of your dataset. For each question in your dataset that matches with our global database, we can now automatically calculate the average and compare your score to each group of peer organizations. This provides users of the service with a snapshot of how other organizations in that group are performing and helps them to develop specific goals and, ultimately, more comprehensive action plans designed for service delivery improvement.

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