Client Centric Services Working Group

Across Canada government leaders at all levels recognize the importance of continuously improving the quality of the services they provide. Evolving public expectations for seamless services that transcend program, organizational and jurisdictional boundaries and highlight the need for intergovernmental solutions. In recognition of the importance of federal, provincial, territorial and municipal (FPTM) governments working together to modernize public sector service delivery, the Client-Centric Services Working Group (CCSWG) was established in February, 2018 by the Joint Councils for Public Sector Service Delivery (PSSD) and Public Sector Chief Information Officers (PSCIO).


  • Define what it means to be client centric from an intergovernmental perspective.
  • Build capacity for driving innovation and continuous improvement of public sector service delivery at all levels of government across Canada.
  • Establish a model for assessing:
  • Test the model against a selected service or bundle of services, to champion and facilitate project-based collaboration with interested jurisdictions to provide more seamless and integrated services across levels of government.
  • the current state of the client service experience for services involving multiple jurisdictions and/or levels of government;
  • opportunities for, and challenges with, organizations working together to continuously improve intergovernmental service experiences
  • specific enablers that can be leveraged to push the modernization of an intergovernmental service forward (e.g. people/skills; processes, data/information, tools/technology, policy)

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