Digital Identity Program

The Joint Councils remain committed to accelerating the work to deliver trusted digital identity for Canadians. Citizens want quick, convenient access to online programs and services from both public and private sectors and to be assured that their personal information will be collected, use and disclose in accordance not only with the principles of privacy by design, but also in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Digital identity is crucial to transforming government services.

Doing so will:

•facilitate a seamless, convenient user experience across jurisdictions;

•improve security by enabling real time validation of identity attributes across jurisdictions;

•ensure that, even as jurisdictions work at different paces, we are all working towards a common understanding of identity management;

•provide the foundation for uniform service levels online to residents of Canada no matter where a resident is located; and

•realize operational efficiencies in our use of taxpayer dollars – by allowing residents who can/prefer to use online channels to do so rather than requiring they use more costly phone and in-person channels

Identity Management Sub-Committee (IMSC): A key accomplishment of the Joint Councils has been the development and evolution of the PCTF under the leadership of the IMSC. The IMSC brings together inter-jurisdictional collaboration from all orders of government and external stakeholders such as DIACC. Through the IMSC, the Joint Councils have been engaged in discussions on digital identity and government since 2008. Our emphatic support of digital identity stems from our belief that it is the key to the service outcomes that Canadians expect and need.

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