Research Committee

The Research Committee is focused on delivering research projects that help Canadian jurisdictions’ design and implement their service improvement strategies for both external (client and citizen) and internal (employee and stakeholder) audiences.

The Committee reports to the Joint Councils of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council (PSSDC) and the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council (PSCIOC). Membership of the Research Committee is drawn from PSSDC and PSCIOC members, organizations within the Councils’ jurisdictions, and the ICCS Research Standards Board.

The mandate of the Research Committee is to:

  • consult and liaise with the PSSDC and PSCIOC and the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service (including its Research Standards Board) to identify research priorities;
  • identify and frame appropriate research approaches and identify the fiscal and human resources required to achieve research goals;
  • undertake a range of research activities including commissioning research through vendors, leveraging individual jurisdictional research projects, engaging the academic community, inviting the submission of research papers on key research topics, scanning best practices across Canadian and international jurisdictions, and producing case studies in key areas of interest);
  • communicate and disseminate its research findings and products to the PSSDC, PSCIOC, ICCS and broader public sector communities.

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