Business First 2022

A Closer Look at Government-to-Business Services and the Impact of COVID-19

We were pleased to have our guest speaker, Marina Gilson, Ipsos who shared the highlights of the latest Business First study. View the webinar video if you missed it.

Business First 2022 is the latest research study dedicated to examining how businesses across Canada view and experience government services. The resulting report tracks performance on key metrics, including recent service experience, and identifies existing service gaps, key drivers of satisfaction, and top priorities for service improvement.

The special focus of Business First 2022 is on examining how the business community perceives governments’ response to the COVID-19 situation. The insights contained in the report are intended to assist public sector organizations in introducing real and lasting improvements to their services in the context of the challenges resulting from the pandemic.

The report offers concrete suggestions and actionable recommendations on how the quality of government-to-business services can be increased. Helping to translate data into real action has been the primary goal of this research and is of particular importance at this juncture as the survey results have identified several areas of concern where governments’ performance has not been at the expected levels and has, in fact, been declining. The report is designed to assist public sector service providers across all levels of government and service areas with addressing these service gaps.


Business First 2022

Our seventh iteration of this study focuses the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the resulting challenges faced by Canadian businesses. Bilingual PDF