Citizens First

The Citizens First series takes an in depth look at how citizens experience government services. Over the years, Canadians have been asked what they think about the delivery of public services, what are their expectations, and what they see as the priorities for improvement.

Use the research findings to gain a deeper understanding of how citizens experience government services. This knowledge enables you, as a service provider, to improve service based on a citizen perspective and empirical evidence.


Citizens First 2020

A comprehensive look at how clients view government services with emphasis on providing actionable data. (PDF Download)


Originally published in 1998, Citizens First was coined as a landmark study that focused on citizen-centred service delivery. Over the years, the Citizens First series has changed and grown, introducing new elements and increasing the depth of understanding of how citizens experience government services.

The Citizens First series has established the gold-standard for research on public sector service delivery, not only in Canada, but around the world. The distinctive methodology and approach have equipped public sector managers with the tools they need to identify action priorities for service improvement in the public sector. – Ralph Heintzman