Évènements à venir

  • le 31 janvier 2023

    MISA ON Webinar: Next Generation SOC as a Service for Ontario Municipalities
    This webinar will review a Next-Generation SOC managed security service available to all Ontario MISA organizations. This initiative was initially driven by Grey County, starting with an RFI and then an RFP which included the ability for all MISA Ontario Members to leverage the RFP rider to leverage the same pricing and services on this MSSP agreement. Municipalities that are looking to improve their security posture, obtain greater visibility into their network security, align to globally recognized security standards and become compliant with their cyber insurance requirements should attend this webinar.
  • le 1 février 2023

    IdentityNORTH Winter Workshop 2023
    Join us in-person for IdentityNORTH’s highly anticipated 2023 Winter Workshop on February 1 & 2 in Vancouver, BC. Over these two days, you’ll have the chance to not only soak up inspiring talks, but also drive your own agenda through our “UnConference” sessions, on top of the opportunity to network with your peers.
  • le 2 février 2023

    Global Government Forum — Organisational Development and Change Management Essentials
    This event helps people understand the key lessons from best practice in organisational development and change management. It will help people understand how to lead organisations, people and teams through change and to manage the transition successfully.
  • le 9 février 2023

    MISA ON Industry Insight Webinar: Connect & Secure What Matters Throughout Your Hybrid Workforce! by Aruba
    In this Session, we will cover: Unified Connectivity- Providing seamless user connectivity experiences in the Branch, at Home, or while On-the-Go by leveraging SDWAN, Micro-Branch Teleworker & VPN technologies. Unified Security- Extending Zero Trust and Segmentation techniques across each of these environments to maximize security posture, while mitigating cyber risks. Unified Operations- Ensuring consistent, high-quality Service Delivery, which exceeds the expectations of your user community, by leveraging AI Enabled Insights & pro-active optimization techniques.
  • le 9 février 2023

    Global Government Forum — Future proofed: how government can create next-generation disbursement schemes
    Join the webinar to find out: The key digital building blocks governments will need to put in place to create modern, efficient and responsive disbursement programmes – and how to do so.; Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic on how to put in place new disbursement programmes at speed and what citizens need to be able to access them; How governments can ensure awareness of digital payout schemes, and boost financial literacy to maximize their impact.
  • le 22 février 2023

    Public Sector Innovation Show — Federal
    Building on the conversations and ideas raised over the past three years, the fourth annual Public Sector Innovation Show (Federal) will once again bring together the public sector innovators and decision-makers who are leading the way at the Government of Canada.
  • le 22 février 2023

    Canada School of Public Service — GC Data Conference 2023
    With the theme Leveraging Data to Advance Innovation, the GC Data Conference 2023 will explore key topics related to using data to expand innovative methods, integrating social and ethical practices, and enabling collective change.
  • le 23 février 2023

    MISA ON Webinar: A Practical Approach to Zero Trust — How the Town of Mono Modernized Security
    In the face of rising cyber threats, Municipalities must both enhance security and streamline the way legitimate users access key systems, shared resources, and critical infrastructure. The Town of Mono has done exactly that, working with Agilicus to incrementally deploy a Zero Trust Architecture across their organization starting with their shared water treatment facility. During this session the Town of Mono will share their journey of adopting Zero Trust and how they were able to leverage existing IT investments along the way. We’ll also dive into what Zero Trust is and how it can be incrementally adopted without disrupting existing processes to both enhance security and simplify ways of working.
  • le 1 mars 2023

    Public Sector Network — Roadshow 2023: IT and Innovation Road Show
    At the IT & Innovation Roadshow hear first-hand about what your future tech stack should look like, the emerging tech trends and strategies that are being used to bridge the digital divide and get insights into industry best practices. Also, take advantage of practical advice on how to move to, secure, and optimize cloud services. What steps should you be taking to modernize legacy processes to adapt and meet citizen expectations? More critically, what is being done to attract and retain expertise and talent which is vital to keep pace with rapid change and the ongoing modernization of government services?
  • le 2 mars 2023

    18th Annual IPAC Leadership Summit
    IPACs National Leadership Conference aims to provide leaders, practitioners, and academics working in public sector environments with the opportunity to connect with leading experts who successfully tackled disruption and change.
  • le 12 avril 2023

    IdentityNORTH Spring Symposium 2023
    Join us virtually for IdentityNORTH’s 2023 Spring Symposium on April 12 & 13 as we explore Canada’s progress toward a truly digital economy. Featuring expert speakers from around the world, the Spring Symposium will provide crucial insights into how we can continue to drive Canada into the digital future.
  • le 27 avril 2023

    Public Sector Innovation Show Atlantic
    Governments in Atlantic Canada are committed to embracing innovation and digital solutions to improve service provision to citizens by becoming more transparent, agile and user-friendly. This innovation show looks to build on the success and momentum of the 2022 show, galvanizing industry partners and government departments to progress technological, digital and business innovation.
  • le 25 mai 2023

    2023 FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show
    Stay tuned for more details.
  • le 29 mai 2023

    MSDO 2023 National Conference: Reconnect and Transform
    At this event, we celebrate our coming together, the importance and value of networking, and the transformation that municipalities have gone through over the last few years. It’s a great opportunity to learn, connect with others, and continue evolving!
  • le 4 juin 2023

    2023 MISA Ontario Annual Conference and Trade Show
    The MISA Ontario 2023 Annual Conference & Trade Show will be in Grey County at Blue Mountain Resort. Stayed tuned for details.
  • le 7 juin 2023

    IdentityNORTH Annual Summit 2023
    Join us on June 7 & 8 in Toronto for Canada’s biggest in-person digital trust event of the year. This is an opportunity to hear high-profile industry leaders and experts spark conversations around critical topics like privacy, trust, compliance, security, anti-fraud, and ethics as we work towards building a digitally empowered Canada. Over these two days, you’ll have the chance to soak up these inspiring talks and drive your own agenda through our “UnConference” sessions, where you’ll work with your peers to develop solutions to issues you face in your organizations.
  • le 20 août 2023

    Association of Municipalities Ontario 2023 Annual General Meeting and Conference
    The AMO 2023 Conference will be hosted by the beautiful City of London, August 21-23.