Certified Service Professional

The Certified Service Professional (CSP) is designed for frontline service delivery professionals. In addition to improving participant’s knowledge of the citizen-centred approach and professionalizing service delivery, the course focuses on the following:

  • Establishing a common competency framework
  • Encouraging the development of knowledgeable and skilled staff
  • Promoting shifts in frontline behaviours and attitudes, leading to improved service quality
  • Enhancing frontline capabilities and capacity, generating improved employee engagement

Learning Options

In order to best meet your organization’s training needs, the ICCS has two options available.

Self-Study (Online Learning) Certification Process

Best suited for individuals who require flexibility when pursuing professional training.

  • Candidates receive access to the following Learning Modules:
    • Becoming Citizen-Centric
    • Public Service Delivery Fundamentals
    • Listening to and Understanding Citizens
    • CSP Certification Exam*
      *Unlocked upon completion of the three learning modules

Certification requires a minimum grade of 80% on the CSP Exam

Study the CSP Learning Modules. Take the CSP Exam and become certified.

Certified Service Professional (CSP)

Designed for frontline service delivery professionals to improve your knowledge of the citizen-centred approach and professionalizing service delivery. *All refunds subject to a 3% administrative fee

CSP Facilitator-led Training

Designed for organizations looking for an intensive training option for frontline service delivery staff.

  • Learning objectives are achieved through classroom discussions, activities, exercises and reference materials.
  • The CSP Program is based on the content found within the CSP Learning Moduels, which includes:
    • Client Orientation
    • Problem Solving
    • Communication
    • Interpersonal Relations
    • Teamwork and Collaboration
    • Employee Engagement
    • Personal accountability
    • Values and Ethics

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