Becoming an Inclusive Leader

The complexity of the issues that we face today require diversity in all its forms for organizations to adapt, change, and survive.

This module will give you the opportunity to apply a diversity and inclusion lens more intensely to the concepts that are central to service excellence, examine the crucial role that an inclusive leader plays in bridging service culture to service climate, and enable you to leverage your team’s diversity to get to the next level of organizational performance and team effectiveness.

Learners can expect to:

  • Explore their personality, leadership style, emotional intelligence
  • Improve their understanding of the skills and tools needed to become a more effective inclusive leader
  • Acquire an understanding of the concepts of climate versus culture and inclusive leadership
  • Learn how to use Change Leadership and Change Management to build an inclusive leadership culture that drives a climate for service

Becoming an Inclusive Leader

Today's public service is in need of diverse teams that can bring a range of perspectives and insights into how services are designed, implemented and delivered. Learn how to create an inclusive culture and climate through effective leadership, overcome common challenges to fostering diversity, and create teams that reflect all Canadians. *All refunds subject to a 3% administrative fee