Individual modules

Becoming an Inclusive Leader

Today's public service is in need of diverse teams that can bring a range of perspectives and insights into how services are designed, implemented and delivered. Learn how to create an inclusive culture and climate through effective leadership, overcome common challenges to fostering diversity, and create teams that reflect all Canadians.

Continuous Service Improvement

Ensuring that government services are accessible and easy to use is a must. But how can public servants apply citizen-centric design to improve existing services? Learn how to make existing services more citizen-centric using a four-step process and equip you with the tools and resources you need to assess your services and develop your desired future state.

Citizen-Centred Service Design

Lead your public sector organization to “up the game” in delivering better services specifically designed with the citizen in mind. This course will teach you the practicalities of becoming a service designer. You will learn many of the same design philosophies and techniques used by professionals elsewhere in the service economy but with a crucial difference. The lessons offered here speak to the public-sector context, an arena which poses a unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Listening to and Understanding Citizens

Understand what citizens are saying about service delivery across the public service in Canada. Learn about existing surveys that are provided nationally as well as for participating jurisdictions. This is what outside-in listening looks like and how you can do the same for your organization.

Public Service Delivery Fundamentals

Dive into the fundamentals of service delivery and being citizen-centred by learning the types of skills you need to have in your tool kit in order to provide good service. Discover what good service access looks like and how we can help our service recipients navigate the sometimes complex services that exist in the public sector.

Becoming Citizen-Centric

Shift the way you think about service delivery whether you provide internal or external service in the public sector. Discover what a best in class service experience looks like from a citizens and businesses perspective.