Public Service Delivery Fundamentals

What does a great service experience look like, and how can you make sure your organization is performing? The Public Service Delivery Fundamentals course will examine what skills employees need and what foundations need to be in place in order to provide citizens with the best possible experience. Lessons will focus on:

Public Sector Service Value Chain - A deeper look at how to increase trust and confidence in government

Skills for Service Professionals - How to increase your knowledge of those you serve, become a better communicator, and recognizing how to provide service that goes the extra mile

Best Practices for Service Delivery - Explore best practices used by leading organizations from all three levels of government across Canada

Accessing Services - Understand how citizens interact with services and what you can do to improve access

Upon completion, learners will acquire:

  1. A clear understanding of the relationship between the employee, the citizen and trust and confidence in government
  2. The skills and characteristics needed to provide a best-in-class service experience
  3. Tools and concepts that you can apply in the delivery of your services
  4. Understanding of how important access is to satisfaction with service delivery and how you can drive good access

Public Service Delivery Fundamentals

Dive into the fundamentals of service delivery and being citizen-centred by learning the types of skills you need to have in your tool kit in order to provide good service. Discover what good service access looks like and how we can help our service recipients navigate the sometimes complex services that exist in the public sector. *All refunds subject to a 3% administrative fee