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mai 26, 2023 • Canadian Public Administration
Preparedness and crisis‐​driven policy change: COVID‐19, digital readiness, and information technology professionals in Canadian local government
This article explores the pandemic‐induced transition to electronic municipal council meetings in Ontario, Canada as an instance of crisis‐driven poli...

mai 22, 2023 • Public Management Review
Bureaucrat or Artificial Intelligence: People’s Preferences and Perceptions of Government Service
Are citizens’ perceptions of decisions made by AI different from those made by bureaucrats? We answer this question by conducting a conjoint experimen...

mai 15, 2023 • MDPI
Drivers and Outcomes of Digital Transformation: The Case of Public Sector Services
The aim of this article is to present a case study in order to gain an understanding of the current expectations that public managers have regarding t...

mai 11, 2023 • The University of Guelph
Spaces of Sociability: Enhancing Co-presence and Communal Life in Canada
This report synthesizes existing research on public spaces that potentiate, facilitate, and enhance relations between people beyond networks of primar...

mai 04, 2023 • 
Éthique dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle et au gouvernement — Rapport exécutif du Conseil mixte d’avril 2023
Ce rapport aborde les sujets suivants : • Importance de l’éthique dans l’IA et le gouvernement • Comprendre l’impact de l’IA sur la société • Trouver ...

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