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janv. 03, 2024 • 
Artificial Intelligence and the Turing Test — Joint Council Executive Report — December 2023
The report includes: • The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Turing Test: An Overview • The Turing Test: Historical Context and Current ...

déc. 07, 2023 • 
From public service-dominant logic to public service logic: are public service organizations capable of co-production and value co-creation?
This paper advances the need to consider co-production and value co-creation in a distinctive way that adds to public management theory.

nov. 29, 2023 • 
The Evolution of AI — Joint Councils’ Executive Report November 2023
This report includes the following: Introduction: Setting the Context for AI's Evolution; The Four Key Stages of AI Development; Real-World Applicatio...

nov. 23, 2023 • 
In search of the citizen in the datafication of public administration
This paper therefore studies the conditions of participation in public administration datafication. It asks the overall research question of how citiz...

nov. 20, 2023 • 
Artificial Intelligence: Myths and Misconceptions — Joint Councils’ Executive Report October 2023
This report includes the following: Debunking Common AI Myths; Myth 1: AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence Soon; Myth 2: AI Can Make Ethical Decisions...

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